There is power in making the message cool. Just like there is power in taking an educational message and making it interesting. Or taking something nutritious and making it mainstream. There's nothing wrong with Beyoncé clocking in to support the wildly effective kale movement. It's encouraging to see educators make YouTube videos talking about science and math using stories and rap lyrics, a method that will leave students clamoring for more. There is a responsibility to make the message interesting, digestible and dare I say again, cool.

My desire with this project was to combine the ubiquity of fashion - and their release schedule - and use that structure to encourage conversation around issues that exist in society. I wanted to visually amplify the issues and tangibly give everyone a chance to show their support. This first collection is limited in it’s scope when it comes to addressing issues, identities and social change. My hope is to continue to tackle different issues with each collection.

- Joshua Bull



What InspireD Us

Apparel Power


Frank Ocean

On July 28th, Frank Ocean took the stage wearing a shirt that said 'WHY BE RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC OR TRANSPHOBIC WHEN U COULD JUST BE QUIET?’. The normally reserved icon used his shirt to yell for him and everyone heard him.


Deray Mckesson

On August 16, 2015, the Japan Times covered a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge where the main photo they used was Deray McKesson wearing a shirt that said #StayWoke. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey later wore that same shirt during a conference where he interviewed Deray McKesson, putting eyeballs on a message in a space  that’s usually reserved for talks of apps, phone taps and optimization. 



Pink hats shaped with cat ears became  the symbol of a women’s march that overtook the nation when Trump was elected. Even the criticism over the name, Pussyhat, netted the cause coverage and pulled even more women into the fold. It was simple, it was recognizable and you could even make it yourself.


The power of


You can never underestimate the power of symbolism in culture, especially when used as a talisman for change. Symbolism and the language behind it is how a cause goes from important to immortal. There is power in using your body as a billboard for what you
believe in. A portion of the proceeds will go to organizations like the NAACP & ACLU to help further the fight for civil liberties for all.

Wear your activism on your chest.